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 About Us

It is the aim of Bedtime Books to produce page-turning stories that the littlest listeners won’t tire of hearing. Simple, lively text is coupled with striking snapshots to open the shutter of a child’s imagination. Great books to snuggle up with, the low word count also makes a perfect bedtime read for those adults in need of their own rest and relaxation.




Tim Hoppey

Tim Hoppey worked for 27 years as a New York City firefighter stationed in Spanish Harlem. He is the author of several award-winning children’s books. A picture book titled The Book Troll is under contract and forthcoming from Star Bright Books. Because Tim has yet to master stick figures, he had to enlist the talents of his son, Brendan, in order to produce this first offering from Bedtime Books. When not writing, Tim enjoys hiking, romping with his granddaughter, and rafting down the Delaware River.



Brendan Hoppey

Brendan’s extensive collection of vintage toys provided the props used in The Red Car. Brendan enjoys hiking, surfing, and vinyl records. This is his first children’s book.




Athena Lau

Athena Lau was five years old when she modeled for the making of The Red Car. She quickly became a diva, demanding a snack break, a heaping of praise, and a sip of soda after every two minutes of shooting. Athena enjoys eating everyone’s french fries but her own, hiding the TV remote when the cartoon channel is on, and being a pest.